As you might have already guessed, my name is Sarah and I love to travel. I’m 20-something years old and I’m from Scotland.

My original travel goal was “30 countries by 30” and I’m very pleased to have achieved that a couple years early! I started travelling at 15 on school trips and just never stopped. My goal is to always visit at least one new place every year. The next major trip I have planned is Vietnam in January 2020. 

While travelling, my main interests are in learning about the history of the places I visit, trying lots of exciting new food and trying to improve my photography skills. I also love finding books written by authors from the country I’m visiting. My souvenir of choice is a magnet in the shape of each country. I’m slowly building up a world map on my fridge!

When at home, I enjoy reading, cross-stitch, video games, board games and learning how to edit photos. My current job is as a Receptionist although I hope to eventually go into teaching.