Visiting the Cuevas del Drach in Mallorca

The Cuevas del Drach are a four interconnected caves found on the island of Mallorca. There are over 200 caves on Mallorca and the Drach Caves are definitely the most famous of them all. If you’re looking for a break from the sun, then it’s an excellent choice as it’s nice and cool inside! There are other options, but I would highly recommend the Drach Caves as your first choice.

I love caves and so once I heard about these I knew they were top of my list for my trip.

Getting to the Caves

Some stalactites in the Cuevas Del Drach
Some of the stalactites in the caves

The caves are located just outside of Porto Cristo on the East side of the island. It takes approximately one hour to reach from Palma by car and there is plenty of parking.

Mallorca has plenty of bus routes, and to get there from Palma you can take the 412 bus. The bus will take approximately 90 minutes. The official website lists all the stops (it’s 7 stops from Palma) and will give you the current timetable and pricing. There are also companies offering tours which will handle transportation and tickets for you which may be more convenient if you’re not staying in Palma itself.


Cave formations in the Coves del Drac
Some more of the cave formations

When buying a ticket, you will get a specific time slot to visit. You can only enter at the time shown on your ticket and so it’s very important to plan in advance if you’re taking public transport.

The official website lists the ticket prices and the times available. They recommend booking online and offer a discount. As the discount is only 1 Euro, it is often more convenient to simply wait and buy one on arrival. During the summer, the caves can get very busy and so you may wish to book to ensure you are able to visit and the website lists the times that are least busy.

The Cuevas del Drach

A view of Lake Martel
A view of Lake Martel

Known locally as the Coves del Drac, they consist of four interlinked caves. The caves are 1,200m long and feature a beautiful lake. It is called Lake Martel, after the explorer who discovered it, and is one of the largest underground lakes in Europe.

When you enter the cave, you follow a set pathway through it until you eventually reach the lake itself. Here you then take a seat and once all the visitors have reached it, the lights will turn out and the concert begins. The performers are on a boat which floats past you on the lake and it is a magical experience. It has been performed since 1935 and lasts for approximately ten minutes.

Once the concert ends, you have the choice of taking a boat ride across the lake, or simply walking to the end. There will be a queue for the boats, so in peak season this will involve a lot of waiting.

After the lake, there is a short climb back up to the entrance which takes you out just beside the souvenir shop. As the concert doesn’t start until everybody has arrived, there’s no point in rushing through as otherwise you’ll just have to sit and wait for everybody else to catch up.

Lots of stalactites reflected in the clear water in the Cuevas Del Drach
Lots of stalactites reflected in the clear water

Do you like visiting caves? What other caves would you recommend visiting?

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  1. I haven’t spent too much time in Spain but my mum told me that Mallorca was her first trip overseas in the 70s and she talks about visiting these caves so they must have made an impression. Sounds like a great way to beat the heat of the day and caves are really interesting for sure

  2. I was researching Mallorca a few months back and stumbled upon the Drach Caves and they look so cool! I love that there’s a concert when you visit. I think I’d be a little nervous inside, but would still love to visit.

  3. This looks so cool! It reminds me of the caves I visited in Bermuda. They were founded by Mark Twain. Very similar. Aren’t they fantastic! I would definitely see this if I ever am in Mallorca!

  4. I love exploring caves, so this is right up my alley! There’s something so cool about being in a cave, it feels like being on a different planet sometimes.

  5. Beautiful!! Reminds me of Harrisons Cave in Barbados, similar kind of thing – really mind boggling formations.?

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